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California Safe Driver

These Alive at 25® and "ADoD" / Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Courses* are live, instructor led, interactive Zoom classes. DDC-4 and TDIC are self paced courses.

Please call us if you need assistance.

At California Safe Driver, we believe that when it comes to safe driving, education and awareness save lives. That is why our highly trained public safety professionals provide the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Courses, Alive at 25® and "ADoD" / Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving.

Why Is Our Online Learning So Effective?

After much research on how best to support an effective and interactive curriculum to support our cognitive behavioral based courses, we have chosen to incorporate the Kahoot! Program.

Evidence shows that impactful learning includes social, emotional, and academic integration. That's why we facilitate curriculums utilizing an interactive, cognitive behavior therapy based approach to learning. And we make them fun too!

How do we know what works?

We use the best law enforcement experienced, National Safety Council trained facilitators, teach them how to use cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, and create a highly interactive classroom community. Students become active learners, and facilitators check learning throughout the class. Our well trained and experienced facilitators are sensitive to the students' learning process, and care deeply about their success. Additionally, at the conclusion of each course, we check students' knowledge and engage them in anonymous open ended course evaluations. These evaluations are used to continually monitor the courses' success in helping students identify and change their behaviors; as well as reveal any areas where we may need to improve.

Other programs may teach the class, we facilitate the learning.


Kahoot! draws upon ideas from the Self-Determination Theory (SDT) of motivation, developed by Richard Ryan, PhD and Edward Deci, PhD. SDT states that there are two different types of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic motivation takes place when an individual engages in an activity because they find it truly enjoyable, whereas extrinsic motivation takes place when an individual engages in an activity to achieve an outcome (for example to receive a reward, good grades, money, etc.). Kahoot! incorporates both types of motivation in its design. If you would like to read more about the successes of Kahoot! Then please follow this link.

What Participants Will Learn in Alive at 25®

Alive at 25® incorporates Reality Therapy and Choice™ Theory techniques to help participants identify the five basic needs that drive human behavior: survival, love and belonging, fun, freedom and power.

Whereas driver education teaches the mechanics of car and road handling and state law, Alive at 25® focuses on inexperience, distractions, poor judgment, peer pressure, a tendency to underestimate risk, decision making and consequences. This driver safety course provides tools for making positive choices in a way teens can relate to.

"ADoD" / Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving

Based on the cognitive behavioral therapy developments of Dr. Willian Glasser and his book, Choice Theory, Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is an 8-hour diversion program designed to help participants make a direct connection between their attitude and their choice to make poor decisions. They will learn how to take responsibility for their actions, and see how the choices they make have financial, legal, and personal consequences. The course guides participants to ask questions, share opinions and join in non-threatening, non-judgmental discussions. Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving is used extensively for court referrals, and also as a diversion program for people with DUI violations, excessive points, or any violation of law including minor alcohol violations. This course includes a self assessment survey and action plan to change behavior.


"TDIC" is a specialized 5-hour National Safety Council (NSC) online course. It consists of interactive learning, including the award-winning NSC Professional Truck Driver Online Course, plus three separate modules addressing speed management, fatigued driving, and adverse weather conditions. "TDIC" examines the most common causes of truck-related crashes and violations, and educates truck drivers to make safe and lawful decisions. Content adjusts to the driver's profile, type of vehicle driven, risk-level and driving conditions. "TDIC" provides personalized, scenario-based training that helps students reflect on their own driving experiences and challenges. Students can start and stop the course whenever they wish, making it very convenient for professional truck drivers. Tuition is $179.00.

DDC-4 Online (4-hour defensive driving course)

This is a highly-engaging course that has modernized content, a state-of-the-art look and feel, and is highly interactive. The course was developed to be simple and streamlined so each user is able to understand all life-saving concepts. The course presents real-life driving situations, hazard recognition scenarios and defensive driving techniques to motivate drivers to change risky driving habits and behaviors to avoid collisions and traffic violations. The course features adaptive curriculum tailored to the participant's profile, including age, gender, driving behaviors and attitudes, vehicle and geographic location based on a series of responses to questions asked throughout the course. Offered in English and Spanish.

Certificate of Completion

Alive at 25 & ADoD Students will be mailed their certificate of completion after completing their course. Allow a minimum of two weeks time between your class and your court date to receive the certificate. You are responsible for presenting your certificate of completion to the court by your due date.

Students enrolling in the Spanish DDC-4, DDC-4 or TDIC, it is your responsibility to print your certificate at the end of your course and present it to the court by your due date. (TDIC Course is 5 hours, made up of 4 classes. Each class has a separate certificate that you must print and return to the court.) If you do not have access to a printer, email us for assistance at and provide us with your full name, date of birth, phone number and address. Please note that certificates can take up to two weeks to receive due to processing and mail delivery times.

* These National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses save lives. However, they are not recognized by the California Department of Motor Vehicles as traffic school and are not considered point reduction courses. They may or may not be recognized by some California insurance companies for premium discounts. Please check with your individual insurance provider for information.

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